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Medications are the main part of the treatment. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac sodium, indomethacin and ibuprofen are widely used. However, when using them, the patient must use drugs to protect Pioglitazone pills, as these drugs can cause acute pain in the stomach. They also increase blood pressure and thicken the blood. Prevention of Roth-Bernhardt's disease consists in the rejection of Actos nutrition, maintaining a normal body weight. A balanced diet plays an important role not only for maintaining a normal weight, but also for the intake of a sufficient amount of vitamins in the body.

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Equally important are physical education, as well as the rejection of squeezing and tight clothing (belts, underwear). If necessary, it is possible to wear an unloading corset.

You can find out where Roth's disease is treated in Moscow at the nearest clinic. Usually with a similar disease, the patient is under the supervision of a neurologist. Consultations of related specialists are appointed: orthopedist, surgeon, therapist. For a complete treatment, you should find a manual therapy clinic that has sufficient experience in the treatment of actos pills. It is in such institutions that patients are offered full medical care. An experienced specialist will analyze the likely causes and develop practical recommendations for lifestyle changes. The program of the rehabilitation course is also individually developed. It may include: diet therapy; manual therapy and osteopathy; special massage; complexes of physical exercises; electromyostimulation and reflexology.

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The result of the work done is a rapid improvement in the patient's condition and a complete restoration of his health.

Bernhardt Roth disease - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. Quite often, humanity is faced with rather unusual and rare ailments that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Today we will talk about Roth-Bernhardt disease. Having learned what this disease is, what symptoms determine it, you can start treatment at an early stage and avoid irreversible consequences. After all, the earlier the disease is detected, the more chances for improvement and recovery.

What is a tunnel syndrome know, perhaps, not so many people. Most often, this term is familiar to patients in whose outpatient cards this entry appears as a definition of an occupational disease. Prolonged and monotonous tension of the same muscle groups contributes to pinching the nerve in the tendon canals.

Soon this pathology began to be called Bernhardt-Roth paresthetic meralgia.
What is this mysterious, but quite common disease and what suffering does it cause in people, how to treat Roth's disease, we will understand in this article.

Bernhardt Roth disease symptoms. Paresthesia, in other words, unpleasant and unusual sensations on the skin, is the main symptom of the disease. The pain syndrome is also expressed equally. First, pain, and a sensation of tingling or numbness appear, as if in spots, in separate areas of the skin. With the progression of the disease, these areas merge and already occupy the anterior and lateral parts of the thigh. Everything starts gradually, from a slight, barely noticeable change in tactile sensitivity, to a feeling of crawling, tingling, heat, cold or tension.

At the beginning of the disease, these unpleasant sensations are of little concern to patients and, as a rule, they do not go to the doctor. Some relief can be brought by the position of a person lying on his back with bent legs, in other cases, on the contrary, active movements. In rare cases, the pain becomes so intense that it is accompanied by autonomic symptoms such as sweating, alteredbreathing frequency. With the passage of time and the development of pioglitazone pills, damage to the skin develops: thinning of the skin; hair loss; no sweating.

The innervation of the muscles that move the leg does not change, so movement disorders are not typical. An exception is intermittent claudication, as a result of severe pain. The disease is irreversible with periods of remission and exacerbation.

Most often, the pathology occurs in men after 40 years. The essence of the disease lies in the fact that the nerve, which is called the lateral (going along the outer edge), the cutaneous nerve is infringed by the anatomical formations of the human body. More than a hundred causes of pioglitazone nerve pathology are described and discussed in the scientific literature. Several groups of causal factors have been identified that, with varying degrees of probability, can cause Roth's disease.

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